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SPC&B Update – December 12, 2016
Now Is the Time to Consider First Sale Valuation

SPC&B Update – November 15, 2016
How Will Trade be Affected by the Trump Presidency and a Republican Congress?

SPC&B Update – October 10, 2016
Imports of Burmese Jadeite and Rubies to be Allowed Once Again

SPC&B Update – August 29, 2016
Provisions for "Performance Outerwear" Added to Chapter 62, Changing Many Provisions

SPC&B Update – August 26, 2016
CAFC Upholds CIT Decision on Classification of Cell Phone Cases

SPC&B Update – August 1, 2016
EPA Set to Require Certification, Labeling, and Recordkeeping of Composite Wood Products

SPC&B Update – June 8, 2016
Modifications to Utah's Requirements for Stuffed and Filled Products

SPC&B Update – May 25, 2016
NY State May Soon Join the Chemical Reporting Band Wagon

SPC&B Update – May 6, 2016
Do You Know How Your Shipments Will be Valued in Other Countries?

SPC&B Update – March 29, 2016
Court Loosens Requirements for Origin Marking Related to Non-Registered Trademarks

SPC&B Textile Report – March 8, 2016
CPSC Changes GCC Requirement for Adult Apparel

SPC&B Update – January 29, 2016
New York/Newark Longshoremen in Surprise Wildcat Strike

SPC&B Update – January 22, 2016
EU Last Sale Rule and Consignment Shipments
Canada Clarifies Origin Documentation Requirements

SPC&B Update – January 15, 2016
EU Changes Treatment of Royalties for Duty Purposes

SPC&B Update – January 13, 2016
EU Intends to Eliminate First Sale Valuation Effective May 1, 2016