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SPC&B Update – December 14, 2015
Congress Passes Customs Reauthorization Bill with Significant Enforcement Provisions
SPC&B Update – December 10, 2015
Children's Product Manufacturers Will be Required to Report Chemicals of High Concern in Vermont
SPC&B Update – December 4, 2015
Congress Passes Highway Bill Which Will Result in Increased Customs User Fees
SPC&B Update – November 11, 2015
TPP Implementation Timeline
SPC&B Update – November 6, 2015
TPP Details Are Available for All Products
TPP Details Are Available
SPC&B Textile Report – October 19, 2015
TPP for Textiles & Apparel
SPC&B Update – October 8, 2015
Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Reach an Agreement – What's Next?
SPC&B Update – September 29, 2015
Mexico to Require Additional Information on Import Value, Renews Lower Case Labeling Only for Man-Made Fibers
SPC&B Update – July 21, 2015
California Considers Legislation to Require Labels on the Use or Non-Use of Flame Retardants
SPC&B Update – July 8, 2015
Certain Handbags, Luggage, and Other Cases Could Gain GSP Eligibility
SPC&B Update – June 30, 2015
Congress Finally Passes Tariff Legislation – Good News, for the Most Part
SPC&B Update – June 29, 2015
Global Trade Update – Recent Actions Taken by Mexico, China and the EU
SPC&B Update – June 12, 2015
Mobile Phone Case Decision From the CIT Could Yield Significant Savings for Importer
Canadian Court Holds That R&D Expenses Paid to the Vendor May be Included in Their Entirety in Transaction Value
Reminder – ISF Grace Period Expires Tomorrow
SPC&B Update – February 12, 2015
U.S. Files WTO Complaint Against China Subsidies
SPC&B Update – February 5, 2015
Maine and Albany Target Products Containing Certain Heavy Metals and Chemicals
Foreign Countries Issue New and Revised Standards
SPC&B Update – January 8, 2015
AGOA Changes for 2015
Mexico Tightens Import Requirements for Textiles and Apparel